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Va Ballack Von Der Brucknerallee and V Occa von Hauswalder Bach. Reservations now being accepted for this awesome litter.  Email me

puppies born February 14th 2015

Amadi has arrived we are very pleased to have this girl as part of our kennel... I expect great things from her...stay tuned....


I'm definitely proud of my girl....she shows me ever day how willing she is to work for me.  

Lynchburg was a very nice venue for the AKC show.  Lots of nice people willing to talk with you and answer any question you might have.  This is really good for newbies, a place you can go and feel at home.  Great experience.

I would be glad to help anyone who might have interest in getting started in the ring. Just email me

On to try some herding now. :)

Up coming Litter... taking reservations now and once mating is confirmed deposits...  Please email me so I can add you to the list.

My girl SG Blair Vom Zederkammme rated nationally and regionally.  I'm so proud of her. 

We drove to Orange County New York and showed on September 28th.

Then on to St. Louis MO to part take in the Sieger Show October 4th.

I love the excitement of the show and the reward of the experience.  I hope to share more of my stories in person soon.